What are the essential face care products for everyday use?

Everybody wants to take care of their face or you can say that everybody wants to look good. Because when we look good we feel confident in every way. But what happens to every single one of us when we enter the skincare store or drug store? We feel extremely overwhelmed and think about why there are so many products and what should we pick for ourselves? Or those products we choose are even going to have a good effect on our skin or face? These are the common questions we ask ourselves when we go to buy face care products. Because you know that every single product claims to make your skin better and unfortunately it gets hard to pick one.

However, you should follow the face care routine as per your face’s needs. Let’s imagine, you have seen someone on the internet following a routine and that routine makes her skin glow. And after watching her you also started to follow the same routine as her but it has an opposite effect on your skin and your skin started to break out badly. Then after everything you had done, you go and find the video on the internet again because of the negative effect on your face. And you notice just then that she has dry skin and you have really oily skin and you instantly know why it happened with you.

Besides, it is also true that everybody has different needs according to their age. For instance, Younger people will need something that can protect their skin from sun damage. While, if we talk about the more mature skin, that will probably need something that can treat fine lines and wrinkles or uneven skin tone which are the prominent signs of aging. So, here are some products that you must-have for everyday use.

Face care products you should use in the morning

You can say that your morning routine is for protecting your skin from everything outside such as dust, sun damage, etc.

The first step is always cleanser

Don’t get deceived when you see your face in a mirror in the morning and it seems clean. That’s the biggest lie! No matter even your face seems clean and clear, you need to wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Which can help cleanse your skin and also keep it hydrated.

Serum or antioxidant

After cleansing your skin you need a cream that contains antioxidants like vitamin C or ferulic acid. Because according to some research, antioxidants help the skin to be hydrated after washing all the natural oils also brighten your skin tone. It can also protect your skin from the free radicals present in the environment, which has the potential to damage your skin.

Don’t forget your sunscreen

Always use a sunscreen that contains at least SPF 30 in order to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. But it is possible that the cream you applied after cleansing may contain the product or it might be the foundation that you are going to apply after cleaning your face already contain SPF. So, then it’s not necessary to apply the sunscreen separately but if your foundation or cream doesn’t have it, it becomes necessary to apply it!

After applying all these face care products, you are ready to apply makeup!

Products you should use in the evening

The evening routine is mainly focused on cleaning and repairing the skin.

Makeup remover

Yes, we do think that the cleanser is going to remove all the makeup but that’s not entirely true. It would be better if you use a makeup remover first and then use a cleanser to properly cleanse your face. You can find several products that can help remove makeup such as wipes, balms, and micellar water.

Cleanser! Here it’s a second step

In the nighttime, you can use the cleanser that you used in the morning but you can also use the one that is more targeted towards your skin type. If you have acne prone skin, you can use a face wash that contains salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. But if you are someone who is in your 30’s or 40’s, you might need something that contains alpha hydroxy acid and glycolic acid which aids with brightening your skin and also pigmentation.

Toner: it’s optional!

If you forget to use a makeup remover before cleansing your face, you can use a toner to wipe off the remaining residue or dirt. Toner is more for the people who have really oily skin. Because apart from cleaning benefits, some toners can wipe out all the natural oils from your skin and can make it really dry.

Nighttime cream

It is the final step of your evening face care routine, so try to apply the cream that has vitamin A in it. This cream will help build collagen and makes your skin look more fresh and young. Or according to a dermatologist, you should have a cream that contains retinol or adapalene. These are some of the effective face care products for the evening routine.