Skincare Products: Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Routine

Products for skincare are extremely popular because people tend to use them more often than any other thing when they feel like their skin is not healthy or beautiful. If you are one of them just be careful because these products contain harmful chemicals that could actually harm your skin rather than make it better. But now skincare experts have made a list of ingredients that are harmful to your skin. They search for those skincare products and read all the ingredients then analyze if that product is okay to use or if there are any harmful ingredients in them.

In fact, according to one research, 60% of the chemicals present in these products get absorbed into the skin and then come in contact with the bloodstream. However, keep in mind that what you apply to your face/skin must be as clean as the things we would like to eat and most people do not understand it. No matter how small in the quantity you are utilizing that product, chemicals usually found in them cause serious problems such as hormonal imbalance.


Some harmful ingredients and their effects


This ingredient is commonly used to keep the product fresh for a long time. It works as a preservative and prevents harmful bacteria from harboring in the product. Parabens are utilized to defy the growth of bacteria, fungi, or any other organism that could possibly grow in your products. Parabens are natural compounds but also with distress over it’s corporation with health problems. There was a time of distress when paraben was found in breast tumors but there’s still no proof that it caused the tumor. Whereas because of this, cosmetics and skincare organizations are facing trouble dealing with customers and health professionals who want paraben reduced or separated from the products. However, it’s obviously for the good.



When we talk about its natural form, it is usually found as a colorless gas. This means you can not utilize it in it’s natural form and have to add water, then you can use it as formalin. Also, there are other ingredients that produce formaldehyde slowly which might add to the products as preservatives. This compound is also used to prevent the growth of bacteria. When used in the least amount it is not harmful because it is found naturally in so many things such as plants and foods but in low levels. So, it would be okay to use them but in a really low amount in skincare products. However, now cosmetic companies are utilizing formaldehyde releasers that are controlled release kind of formaldehyde since they are economically attainable. Still, they are harmful and could cause irritation.



It is great for soothing your skin as well as a skin protectant. It is commonly used in products that are made for dry skin. Although pure petrolatum is allowed for human usage yet it is a skin damaging product. Also, there are chances of instability while using the product because of cheap reproduction in larger amounts, which could lead to unfavorable outcomes. Normally, moisturizing products like lip balms contain this and eventually they don’t possess moisturizing attributes since it makes a barrier that prevents natural moisture from the environment from entering and actually makes your lips dry.



Hydroquinone is a skin-lightening ingredient that typically comes in the form of a scented molecule found in cosmetic items. It brightens your skin and could be used to cure a variety of discoloration issues. It reduces the number of melanocytes in the body. Melanocytes are indeed the cells that create melanin, the pigment that gives skin its hue. It treats discoloration, such as skin issues, dark circles, blemishes, melisma, and psoriatic and allergy post-inflammatory markings. Due to the obvious scarcity of the epidermal layer, lowering melanin might produce a transient whiteness of the skin. This substance, on the other hand, damages your skin with time as a result of its forceful and violent modification. This causes skin issues, acne, and even premature aging.



Usually utilized in soaps, detergent, and many skincare products but still harmful for the skin because of its use that could be toxic for the skin. Triclosan has been associated with a variety of allergens, including body and facial discomfort, as per studies. To make matters scarier, it could be linked to hormonal imbalances in the body. Such adverse reactions could have a negative influence on the system, particularly over time. Triclosan can potentially be contaminated by other harmful compounds like chloroform. This will be extremely detrimental to the human body. Triclosan could be harmful to the atmosphere for some people. Because of its sluggish decomposition rate, it persists in the atmosphere. It is indeed a highly unsafe material for aquatic life, which will have a negative impact on the ecology.



The scent isn't just for perfumes; anything that smells pleasant has probably had an aroma poured to it, and it's almost certainly entirely chemicals. The aroma is appealing, particularly for skincare products, which are massaged to the skin. Fake scents are frequently added to conceal undesirable odors caused by the combination of diverse chemicals. Though this might appear to be safe, numerous scents are chemicals that can cause problems in the body.